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Monday, June 20, 2011


After spending a Friday afternoon at the Splash Pad a couple of weeks ago, I decided Aspen should spend a Saturday afternoon in the canyon.

Kev's family has owned a little shack in the canyon by Causey Dam for years and years and years. That particular weekend, Kev was involved in the cabin cleanup. Since Aspen and I would be absolutely useless doing such a task, we headed up in the afternoon just for a visit.

Maddie, of course, had to come as well. We rolled the windows down, strapped the girls in the backseat and cruised through the beautiful canyon to see Daddy.

Since the river is out-of-control, Maddie had to wear her life jacket. She's actually too fat for it now (sorry pup!) but I still stuffed her in it. Thankfully she's a pretty smart puppy and only played on the banks instead of jumping into the raging waters.

Aspen practiced walking at the cabin and got all sorts of dirty. When we (I) tired of that, we sat and read books on a bench by the river. Meanwhile, Daddy was working his butt off. Way to set a good example Kev!

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  1. Upon first hearing it, the idea of a dog lifejacket made me laugh. But then I saw the picture of that crazy river and realized that dog lifejackets are probably pretty useful.

    Looks like the whole family had a great time!


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