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Thursday, June 30, 2011

That one time I was scatter-brained...

The week I bought this sunhat for Aspen (from Kid-t0-Kid for $3) I lost it. But then I found it in the diaper bag.

Does anyone else HATE diaper bags? Or like, big purses in general? I just want to carry around a teeny tiny bag with my keys, cell phone, and chapstick. That's it.


  1. I like both for different reasons. I like the small ones for the exact reason you gave. So many things get lost in the abyss of a diaper bag or big purse. But on the plus side of a big purse, I can take my kids underwear, snacks, a book, and a water bottle all in one bag. Their have been so many times I have wished that I had my book with me because I was just sitting somewhere with absolutely nothing to do.

  2. I was thinking the same thing yesterday as I ventured out with Aubrey WITHOUT the diaper bag. It was heaven! I am used to a tiny purse that carries the few things I need.

  3. I carry just a wristlet- basically a wallet with a cellphone pocket and loop to hold keys. However once I have kids I know it won't be that easy!
    My mom used to dump her purse out every Sunday night and remove five things that she didn't really need. It helped keep down clutter considerably!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who's picky about purses. I also hate switching out things from the diaper bag to a regular bag when I'm going somewhere without the baby girl.

    I'm impossible to please.

  5. i need a huge purse. like, big enough to fit a medium size dog in. sometimes its hard to find stuff, but i just need to have all that stuff accessible to me at all hours :) haha


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