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Friday, June 10, 2011

Was that a niner in there? Were you calling from a walkie-talkie?

Kev and I are having a small communication problem.

It's a bit like this: I want him to see into the future and give me a guess as to when he might be home from work each night.

He wants me to stop bugging him at work so he can get stuff done and get home sooner.

Don't you hate that?

I'm not the kind of wife who calls her husband a million times a day. I don't even text him a lot either. Maybe once about something funny, or if I'm having a nervous breakdown and want to share.

There just seems to be this switch in my brain that turns my crazy "OFF" when I know reinforcements are coming. Even if Kev tells me he won't be home until 9pm, at least I know that at 9pm I can be off mama duty and maybe pee without somebody/dog needing something. Or if he's going to be home for dinner, I can turn my crazy "OFF" long enough to make something other than cereal.

When I'm just left wondering when relief will come, I find that it's harder to keep sane. The morning stretches endlessly into the afternoon which turns into the evening which turns into 7pm and I haven't talked to Kev all day and I wonder if he's dead or just not coming back because I complain too much.

Does that make sense? I mean, I know it's annoying to be working and get calls that interrupt you all day, so I really try not to bug Kev. But so help me, if he doesn't let me know if he's ever coming home I'm never going to make dinner ever again.


  1. I totally understand!! We are having the same problem at our house. It sure makes for a long day when you think they will be home at a certain time and then their 2 hours late:( I basically told my husband that dinner is at 6:30 and if he wants to eat with us he will be home by then if not then he gets to microwave his dinner and eat alone. It's made it at least a little more bearable instead of wandering when I should make dinner.

  2. Yeah, I am right there with you. I text Matt in the afternoon when he thinks he will be home. Usually he answers, but at his old job, he would be later than he would say all the time. It is nice to have an end in sight when you know that another adult will be in the house to talk to and take over for you.

  3. And wouldn't you know it? I week he's been so awesome at letting me know that he's stuck working til late. The best.

  4. i hate people that brag. but since its about my husband and not me i feel justified. richard is amazing. he calls at lunch and asks how its going and what anna's up to. he gets mad when i dont call or email to give him updates. boys come in all shapes and sizes, but i'de say that you are justified to at least know when he's coming home!

  5. I understand feeling like you are going to lose your sanity if you don't know when to release. Bryan gets home at the same time every day and when he isn't home right at 5:10pm I have a little breakdown.


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