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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And the neglectful parent award goes to...

Sunday night Aspen seemed a little extra fussy, but it was nothing Kev couldn't fix. He put her to bed (the second time) and she slept until about 4am. She's recovering from a cold, so I thought perhaps her cough had woken her up. I got up to check on her, but before I even opened her door she quieted down. I didn't hear anything from her again for another hour.

I went to the bathroom before going to her door, but she quieted herself again before I could open it up and check on her. After that, she slept until 8:30, which is the norm. I plucked her warm little self out of bed and nursed her, only to discover she smelled... funny. I thought her poopy diaper was the culprit and changed her before trying to feed her some oatmeal.

She refused breakfast and I thought it was because she could see the Marshmallow Mateys bag, which she practically INHALED the day before when I gave her a first taste of that deliciousness. After repeated failed attempts to get Aspen to eat oatmeal, I put some mateys on her plate. Nada. She gave them all to the dog. Then she puked.

I put her in the sink and hosed her off before placing her on a pile of pillows in my room to watch some cartoons. My instincts told me to check her bed for more barf and voila. Barf. She had awoken in the night and barfed. Then she'd slept in it because I didn't go in her room to check on her when she cried.


But you know, she slept, which is probably more important than me getting her up in the middle of the night and bathing her. In fact, she took two ridiculously long naps on Monday so I know it's what her sicky little body needed. She refused almost all food but nursed like a champ. And every time she barfed, she made the saddest little baby sounds I've ever heard. Oh my heart!

This is Aspen's first stomach bug and it, thankfully, wasn't too bad. Yes, there was a lot of laundry, and yes, it was the MUGGIEST DAY OF THE YEAR, but we survived. I got a sub for my class and was able to stay home and tend to little miss barfy all day. I rubbed her back when she sniffled, I held her close when she needed snuggles, I wiped her sweet little barfy face with a cold towel the way I like when I'm sick.

What could have been a disastrous day that made me feel overwhelmed just turned out to be a day full of a lot of baby barf, a lot of laundry and a lot of cuddling. I'm proud we both survived intact and I didn't have to call Kev once to freak out. She's still kind of on a hunger strike but is nursing regularly to make up for it. I'm hopeful she'll be back to stuffing her face soon so I can stop worrying about her. I think the worst part about this is the stupid receptionist at her pediatrician's office. She won't let me combine Aspen's 1 year well-visit with a visit for this stomach bug because going in a week before she turns one will completely ruin the effectiveness of her vaccines. YEAH RIGHT. They just want two co-pays from me. Jerks!


  1. Both of my girls have slept in their own throw up at least once. It's sad, but you just don't know about it. Sleep is more important. I had a problem with the receptionist right before we left because of the whole vaccine thing. My brother is Dr. Boehm's new PA and he said it must have something to do with insurance because the other is ridiculous.

  2. Don't feel bad Livia, no matter how gross it is it doesn't harm her to sleep in her throw up. Stuff like this happens all the time to parents. I am glad it hasn't been a horrible experience and I hope she recovers really quick. My Dr. office won't do vaccinations early either. But they have told me that I can bring them in and get checked out and then go back just for the vaccine and it won't charge you, maybe your Dr. office would do that. Also our insurance changed it this year so that we don't have to pay a copay for well-child visits, does yours do that, I thought all the insurance companies did that now.


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