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Friday, July 01, 2011

Another day at the Riverdale Splash Pad, but this time with friends!

As soon as Penny and I picked up Mikki and Hunter, Hunter started beeping the baby's nose in the car. I knew from that moment that we'd be having a great afternoon.

Hunter is such a sweet little soul! We had so much fun with the girls at the splash pad yesterday. I wore my swimsuit this time because the last two times I didn't and learned my lesson. Maybe when Penny can walk by herself I'll be able to wear regular clothes. Then again, why would I? It's so fun to be in my suit and get wet with the kids when it's so hot out!

We had to spend some time on the playground because Hunter and Penny both wanted to swing. Hunter let us know by running off by herself to swing, and Penny let me know by pointing NON-STOP to the swings until I was able to plop her into one. She loves swinging so much! I do too, and it's partly because it was on swings that Kev and I decided to go from being just friends to dating. Magical.

Oh how I wish you could see the big flower that holds the top of her bikini to the bottom. Her fat belly is so cute in this suit. By this time she'd had enough water and was content to just hold the fence and stare accusingly at other people. She must get that from me.

One of the mama groups I'm in is trying to visit a different park each week and I'm so happy to have the help of friends to get out of the house and enjoy summer. I have a tendency to just sit in front of a fan otherwise. Bor-a-thon. Also, being stuck inside means Baby Signing Time is on repeat and I CAN'T GET THE SONGS OUT OF MY HEAD!!

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  1. Sounds like you had fun with your friend. Her swim suit sounds adorable. Yeah I know next time to wear my suit too since Bailee cant walk around by herself.


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