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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday became worst day

I experienced some serious heart break on Aspen's birthday, and it had nothing to do with her getting older and me missing the baby stage (I DO NOT MISS THE BABY STAGE).

Aspen had her 1-year checkup on her birthday, right on the tail of her sick checkup the week she threw up and wouldn't eat. Needless to say, she was extremely apprehensive of being poked, prodded and stabbed again.

She screamed when the nurse came near her with the device for testing her hearing. She screamed again when I placed her in the scale. And she screamed some more when we attempted to check her temperature. I didn't get even one minuscule, sympathetic smile from anyone in the office. It's like they think I trained Aspen to melt our skin off our faces with her screams.

Once the Dr came in, she mentioned Aspen's reaction and asked if she's always this difficult to soothe. I wanted to tell her to step off, that she was just getting over being sick, that the stupid appointment was scheduled during nap time and that no one took any time to talk with her before immediately shoving things in her ears and this was her second visit in one week. But instead I just smiled and said that she doesn't seem to like the doctor's office much.

The screaming recommenced once the Dr attempted to start the physical exam. Aspen started shaking and wailing the moment the stethoscope touched her belly. She writhed in my arms as her ears and throat were checked. And don't even get me started on the shots.

I know that her apprehension is somewhat normal, and I don't understand why the staff couldn't exhibit even the tiniest bit of understanding toward the situation. They chose to be nurses in the field of pediatrics. They should help patients and parents alike feel comfortable despite the circumstances. Instead, they high-tailed it out of the room without even giving me a second glance or a heart-felt "good luck."

As soon as they shut the door behind them, I started crying. I felt so frustrated with the whole appointment. The worst part was being made to feel like I was encouraging Aspen to be a big baby and freak out when it's not necessary. I don't coddle my kid. I make her work through challenges without swooping in to save the day. I let her cry herself to sleep when I know she's tired and needs to take a nap or go to bed for the night. I tell her to walk it off when she bonks her head or loses her footing while crawling around the house. She spends time each week with babysitters and meets new people all the time. She's a champ when experiencing new things.

Sometimes it can be lonely to be a parent. Although surrounded by support, you just have to experience some things entirely on your own.


  1. Im sorry how frustrating! I agree though those nurses chose to work with kids so it shouldnt be anything new & they should try to be more understanding.

  2. That totally sucks, what a crappy experience! But on the bright side... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ASPEN!!!!!

  3. Oh livia that sounds aweful, not that you need telling but lets not put drs visits on birthdays anymore! :) It sounds like she is having a crappy day too, I agree that nurses in pediatrics could be less cold. You definately learn who is nice (human) and who is not after many drs appointments. Give her lots of loves from us today, were excited for saturday!

  4. boooo! lame nurses! its like we had a secretary in high school who was ALWAYS a grump when you needed her to help you... but its like, you chose this job -- no one is forcing you to do it. a pediatric nurse should be more sympathetic and kind. especially on little aspen's birthday! sorry you had to experience that!

  5. If you can switch doctor's, do it. YOU are PAYING THEM to treat your child, not the other way around...I've been in your shoes and finally I was like, "wait a freaking minute...I'm paying your bills, so you BETTER be nice to me!! :)


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