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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Whenever I tackle a NaBloPoMo challenge I always end up hating myself near the end. Is it over yet? What on earth do I possibly have to say of any interest today?

Well, I'm not throwing up anymore. That's pretty interesting. And Maddie wore a feather boa today. That's pretty interesting too.

Speaking of my dear Maddie, we had a vet appointment today. I switched her to a closer clinic last year when I was 100 months pregnant and desperate to get her yearly check up over with. It's a beautiful facility that's spacious and clean and, most importantly, really close to our house.

Today we showed up about 5 minutes prior to her appointment. Wait, let me back up a bit. When I called to make the appointment earlier this week, I talked to the most ornery receptionist in the history of receptionists. And I know my stuff when it comes to ornery receptionists; I used to be one.

I mentioned that Maddie had been to their clinic once before, and that she is now due for shots. I asked for any afternoon appointments available before the end of the month. I was given an 11:30am appointment today. Did you know that's in the middle of Aspen's precious morning nap? Yes. It is. I scheduled the appointment regardless of the inconvenience. I figured I could talk Kev into being home with Aspen while I wrangled the dog to the vet.

So we get to the vet and are promptly ignored. When we finally get into an exam room, we wait for FORTY MINUTES to be seen. FORTY MINUTES!! I was so grateful I didn't have Aspen with me because I would've ended up walking out.

What happened in the last year to turn this clinic into such a suckfest? I'm glad I don't have any attachments to this one so I'm probably going elsewhere for Maddie's next visit. If I want to be ignored and treated badly, I'm not going to pay $100 for it. I'll just go back to high school.


  1. i hate bad service, i mean who doesnt? also your dog in a boa is so cute

  2. Wow talk about bad service. I cant believe you waited that long! Our dogs are due for their yearly appointments but we've been looking into buying the vaccinations ourselves & Shad giving it to them but we will see. Just adds up quick when there are two of them.

  3. Brookside Animal Hospital is where we go and love it.


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