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Sunday, July 10, 2011

I married a good man

Kev and I were talking over the weekend about babies. Naturally. Because he's baby hungry.


The man is not baby hungry. He doesn't expect me to pop out a new kid every year until he's satisfied with the brood we've created. He doesn't think I'm lame for feeling terrified of having another baby. He's so happy with Aspen he could explode love bits on her every time he sees her. And it is truly amazing to see them together. She just smiles and points at him. Last week I looked through photo albums with Aspen and she pointed out her daddy in every single photo.

I digress.

The point I'm making here is that Kev loves his little girl so much he'd like to someday have more little kids to love. And he wants it when to be when we're both ready and emotionally stable (ah-hem... meaning ME).

Also, he'd like to have a better job that lets him see his family more. Working 60 hour weeks for only 40 hours of pay is getting kind of old.


  1. Im sure his job gets old quick. Hopefully he can find something where he can spend more time with you guys. And you will have more when you are ready!

  2. hahaha, I am sure Kevin is glad you did this post after what he said on Saturday. :)


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