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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm the Hip-hop-a-potamus (and now I want to watch "Flight of the Conchords")

Aspen may not know how much she loves hippos, but after this party I think it will become more clear to her. She does sleep with Hippo every night now that there's no fear he will suffocate her... so that helps too.

The weather was just perfect for her big party day. It was cool and breezy right up until guests started to arrive, and then the sun warmed us up real good. Thank heaven for otter pops. I think they saved us all from melting near the end of the festivities.

Aspen made the rounds and said hello to all her friends, and I think she really had a great time. Her sweet mood didn't even suffer for missing her afternoon nap. There weren't any meltdowns or fussing at all. It was her special day and she was a special girl.

She did great with her cupcake, even after Kev waved it in front of her face so she could pretend to blow it out. We've practiced eating cupcakes a number of times so she wasn't one of those lame kids who just stares at the cake/cupcake and is like WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? SUGAR I'm kidding. Your kid isn't lame if you waited to introduce refined sugars until his birthday.

Many thanks to Paul, who designed the hippo I used on the invites and on her party dress. It was just the fattest, cutest little hippo I've ever seen. And to those who were able to come visit with us for the afternoon, thank you. I had a wonderful time and feel like it was just perfect for our family. Lots of food, lots of sun, lots of laughs, and so many hugs and kisses.

Although next year we might just have a tiny little party and let Aspen invite one friend over to celebrate. It's exhausting having a popular little girl.


  1. It looks like Aspens party was a hit! Again sorry we couldnt make it last minute. Bailee has a little present for Aspen still.

  2. It was really fun. She is adorable.


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