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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yesterday Melissa and I met up to just plain old hang out. She lives up the street from Vintage Cupcake, and since it's too hot in my house to bake my sister a birthday cake, I decided to get her some cuppies for her birthday (I'm spending today with her in Provo).

We put Aspen in her stroller and enjoyed the shady sidewalk that leads from Melissa's house to the bakery. It was refreshing (and HOT!) to stroll and chat and catch up. To add to our delightful afternoon, one of our Pilates friends drove by and hollered to us out her car window. Isn't it so fun to bump into or pass by people you know? I love it.

I also love that when Melissa relocated to Utah, out of all the Pilates classes in the area, she happened into mine. And I love that we immediately struck up a conversation after class and have remained friends since. I don't even hate her for choosing to join another gym. That's true friendship (Meliss, I could never hate you!).

Also, the fact that we walked to and from Vintage Cupcake means it's okay that I ate two. Yes, I caved. I ate one of the cupcakes that I bought to take to Sophia for her birthday. It's okay though, there are still five more!


  1. How fun. I havent been there in SO long there cupcakes are super yummy. We havent baked anything either its way too hot to turn the oven on.

  2. God is good. :)

    I am glad you ate two. I almost cried when I got home and didn't have anymore to eat!


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