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Monday, July 11, 2011

NaBloPoMo July 11th prompt

Do you like to dive into things or take your time getting acclimated?

I can't think of a time I looked before I leaped.

When my friend mentioned she was going to try out for cheer leading in High School, I figured I would too. I ended up cheering until I graduated (even though it was, to say the least, a very modest squad).

When I decided I better go to college, I only applied to Weber State, spent the summer after HS working and then packed up and moved across the country. Perhaps picking a major is the only thing that took a few years for me to figure out. Even then, I knew I wanted to get a degree in something I liked, so that didn't take much thought.

When I met Kev, I wrote in my journal that I was going to get to know him better. And then I married him a year later. That wasn't too hard. When I decided I wanted a dog, Maddie joined our family like, ten seconds later. When it was time to move out of the free housing my job offered to me and Kev, we just decided to buy a house. I don't think renting even crossed our minds. And when I decided it was time for a baby, I just knew it.

I get so excited to do the next thing on my list, whether it be a life-changing event or something simple like writing a blog post, I just dive in. I'm impatient and stubborn. I like to see results, and I like to see them FAST. Isn't life too short to wait around for things to happen?

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