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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nose to the grindstone

At 3:30 last night I awoke to discover that Kev still wasn't home. I tried not to imagine all the bad things that surely had happened and instead called his cell. When that went straight to voicemail I started to imagine all the bad things that surely had happened.

Thankfully he also has a work cell, so I pulled myself together and called it. I can't describe the relief I felt when he answered.

He'd been working in Provo, and after making a stop in Saratoga Springs, the battery in the work truck died. As we talked, my brother pulled up to jump start the truck. AT 3:30 IN THE MORNING. I think I have the best older brother in the universe.

Is there anything worse than waking up in the middle of the night not knowing where one of your family members is? I almost had a panic attack. I feel worse for Kev though, because this morning he was up and off to work as usual, despite his late night and lost sleep.

Here's to hoping he catches a break today.


  1. Oh man, that is terrible. Poor guy. I'm glad everything was okay and that your brother was able to help him.

  2. I cant even imagine waking up wondering where Shad was. Poor guy! Good thing your brother could go help him out.

  3. YIKES. Glad everything turned out alright. The worst feeling in the world is waking up to an empty house and not knowing why.


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