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Sunday, July 03, 2011

A series of photographs documenting the demise of a cinnamon waffle.

We get a lot of... comments... on that booster seat. You see, it's a regular booster seat with a tray, but the previous owners covered it with shelf liner to mimic ocean waves. And then they glued foam sea creatures to it.

While it's cute, it's not very practical. Have you ever tried to clean crumbs/smashed food out of the tiny grooves of shelf paper? I think the design is what makes me sing songs from the Little Mermaid every time I'm cleaning Aspen up after a meal. My subconscious can't handle it!


  1. Its a cute & creative idea but doesnt sound fun to clean at all.

  2. Hey! Just had to give you a shout out...I am your newest follower. Your post about the ugly trendy glasses got me because...RIGHT???? I have been saying the same thing. Plus, I have been stuck with glasses since 3rd grade and I think they are annoying, too!


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