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Friday, July 22, 2011

SIck sick sickie

Since Aspen was born, my immune system has basically left my body.

I have been sick more in the last year than I can remember being sick in my entire life. First there was the flu 7 weeks postpartum (that was a nightmare) and numerous other colds and upset stomachs, the most recent being last night.

Aspen has had a bug which made her sick on Monday, and has caused her to refuse almost all solid foods the last week. She passed this bug onto me and I spent last night in the bathroom, hanging my head in the toilet. My wake up call was an hour and a half earlier this morning as well, which added to the fun.

I've been grateful that Aspen took TWO naps today (unheard of!) so I could get back into bed and feel sorry for myself. Isn't it just the worst to be sick to your stomach? Nothing can be put on hold either. Kev still has to work. I still have to take Maddie to her vet appointment. Aspen still needs to be nursed, played with, changed and kept happy. All the while, I just want to sleep.

As Aspen grows and spends more time out of the house with friends, I know our immune systems are going to be exposed to even more fun stuff. I suppose this is just how it goes now, but that doesn't make it any easier to handle.

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