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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The end. Fin. Finito.

I am done with Aspen's monthly photo shoot. She is much too wiggly to continue the tradition of posing with hippo to show her growth. Plus, her growth is a bit stagnant right now, so I'm really just taking a picture of my cute kid for no apparent reason.

I'm toying with the idea of photographing her yearly from now on, or at least until Maddie gets hold of Hippo and eats him. For now, he will live in Aspen's crib and she will be really adorable when I put her down for sleep and wrap her little arm and leg around his plush body for a cuddle.

With points from Pamper's diapers (they're the ONLY ones she doesn't leak through at night) I made Aspen another Shutterfly photo book. At Kev's request, I compiled some of my favorite Hippo shots that represent each month's month so we'll have a keepsake to remember this little project. I love that we won't have to sift through the photo album to find them; they'll all in one spot.

Have you ever done a growth project like this? I'm glad we did.

Thanks JJ&L for the beautiful birthday dress!


  1. Yes, I say definitely do a once yearly pic. for as long as you can! I made a little book to track Makai's growth. Then each month I stamped his hand and foot in it. It's amazing how much it grew! I've been meaning to take some pictures and put it on the blog, I'll have to do that soon. I want to do one for each of our kids. :)

  2. Hahha, that is crazy she is SO big! And I'm impressed you did it so well for so long!

  3. the yearly pic idea is a good idea. its cool to see projects that people have been doing for years like that, so that would be really neat.

  4. Sad! It is such a cute project. Maybe take one every 3 or 6 months.


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