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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Four Simple Goals, revisted

Last year I set four simple goals for myself to focus on as 2010 came to a close. I haven't brought them up here, but have still been working on some of them.

For anyone who knows me, it goes without saying that my goal to read has been knocked outta the park. I have read so many books recently I can hardly keep track. In fact, last week I joined GoodReads so I can get a better handle on my ever-growing list of books to read.

Additionally, my goal to love my post-baby body is satisfied. I'm teaching a lot of classes and enjoying a lot of opportunities to exercise and take care of my body. I've long since gotten back into all my old clothes and found my pre-baby shape. Having never set any body image goals before this, I'm glad it didn't go up in flames.

I resolved to cook more, and have really sucked at that. When Kev started working long weekends out of state and late nights during the week, I basically gave up on food. Up until recently, Aspen's tastes were easy to please so cooking wasn't a priority. We'd just share some pasta or yogurt or toast or oatmeal, throw in fresh fruits and veggies and call it good. With summer coming to an end, I've got to get out of the funk of just grilling up burgers and chicken when I can't think of anything else. Consider my goal to cook better/more ongoing.

When it comes to being better at asking others for help, I think I've moderately improved. Since setting my goals, I've made some new friends and have accepted their offers to babysit Aspen numerous times. What I really need to learn is how to ask Kev for help instead of having a breakdown and waiting for him to swoop in and fix something. Why is it easier to ask a neighbor than my husband? I feel so guilty, which is stupid because it's not like I'm just sitting around all day doing nothing; I've been hard at work with Aspen and need a break for a few minutes just as much as Kev does when he gets home from his job.

While this update on my simple goals is kind of coming out of nowhere, I'm glad I sat down to review my progress. These goals are still important to me, and I take pride in doing really well with half of them. Rather than add two more, I'm going to focus on just cooking better and reaching out more for help in various aspects of my life.

Time to go grocery shopping.

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  1. Nice job with the goals! I've been thinking about the goals that I've set as well.


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