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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I went to DI (thrift store) on Monday and picked up three black frames and one amazing silver mirror to complete my weekend project for Aspen's room.

Today I spent about ten minutes trying to configure the frames and mirrors (on the floor) but had no luck. I could not get anything to look right. Nap time was fast approaching so I walked around the house to find something I already own that might help me finish up and allow Aspen her beauty rest asap.

Of course, sitting on the kitchen counter was a triple 5X7 frame that has been neglected since December. Yes. The frame has been propped up for 8 months just waiting for me to hang it. There were already photos of Princess Penny in it and I don't know why it didn't occur to me before to use it.

With the two newly-painted mirrors, I finally found a combo I liked. So I hammered in some hardware and stuck those suckers up. Aspen played with a tape measure to keep busy, and when I was done she had a cloth diaper over her head, a sure-fire sign that she was ready for a nap and would self destruct momentarily.

I wish photos could do better justice to the arrangement, so you'll have to take my word for it. But having cute photos of Aspen up makes any space better, don't you think? And since the mirrors have soft edges, they help tie in the fluffy poms with the crisp, black color of everything hanging on Aspen's walls.

While we're here, what are your suggestions for Aspen's lack-of-closet-door situation? There really isn't space for a traditional door on hinges (to swing open), so we've left it unfinished ever since Kev built the closet. I've considered bi-fold doors, or just finishing the threshold and installing a curtain like Clara's from Young House Love.

The only problem I have with installing a curtain is that it won't match the existing window treatments... and since those are fine and I have no desire or funds to replace them, I feel stuck. Thoughts? Suggestions?


  1. Random lurker here; my kids' rooms didn't have doors on the closets when we bought our house almost two years ago and I just barely put up curtains. I really like the curtains--much easier and cheaper than doors, and there aren't any doors to pinch little fingers. I made curtains, which was pretty easy, but you could also probably just buy a curtain or even a shower curtain. We bought fabric at Ikea that already matched their bedspreads.

  2. I love how your wall arrangement turned out and don't you feel so proud?!?! I love looking at something I've re-created and getting excited about how nice it looks over and over again. I vote curtains for the door. I don't know what your window treatments looks like but maybe you could find a solid color- like black- to match. I think black matches just about everything AND it would look killer with your new mirrors! ;)

  3. I hadn't thought about pinching fingers! Duh.

    I told Kev tonight that I'm going to put a curtain up some day. Some day.

    Now I'll just debate about the color/pattern for a few more years.

  4. looks good! i would do a curtain. it doesnt have to match the window would probably look better if they didn't match. as long as they have complementary colors/patterns then you should be totally fine.

  5. It looks great & it was nice you were able to finish it before Aspens nap. I like the curtain idea it looks good.

  6. hey were all curtains here for closet doors, i did take down a light pink curtin in the kids room if you think you can use it then its yours, although it isn't super wide so if the opening is large.. i dont quite remember, you would have to find another... let me know

  7. Love it!!! The twins don't have closet doors either. We actually just got a solid color shower curtain and rod that coordinated with the curtains. Good luck!


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