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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I was just thinking you might need a laugh

After Aspen's bath, there is usually a naked time. It's the time between being wrapped in the towel and being put into pajamas for the night.

I think Aspen really enjoys it.


  1. Ahhahahaha! Thank you. That is so adorable. Kids just love being in the buff.

  2. I dunno if this would ever work in my house. As soon as we are outta the bath you have to be quick with the diaper, otherwise someone thinks it is hilarious to pee standing up.

  3. Speaking of that... I tried naked time on Makai this morning. He made two big pee puddles within 5 min. Ha ha. I guess it's different with boys.

  4. Aspen only gets naked time if she pees in the tub. Well, I mean, when I put her in the sink I spray warm water on her feet so she tinkles, and then I know it might be safe to let her be naked for a while.

    If she doesn't tinkle, then NO NAKED TIME! I'm not cleaning baby pee out of the carpet.


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