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Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I took Aspen to our WIC renewal appointment today, and oh how I wish I had a pleasant experience to share.

My first mistake is showing up on time for appointments like this. Why do I bother? I always end up waiting AGES just so someone can poke Aspen, make her cry, and then flee the room while I pick up the pieces.

To give credit where it's due, the woman who checked Aspen's iron levels (via finger prick) actually spoke to Aspen. She talked to her about the bow in her hair and walked her through the steps of the prick even though Aspen was screaming so loud it was useless.

Do your kids freak out at the doctor's office? The minute I started undressing Aspen to be weighed she lost it. She started crying and shaking and she thrashed on the scale. How do you handle this reaction? I pretty much shut down and go in robot mode. There seems to be nothing I can do until she's removed from the situation.

After the test I had to try soothing her while we waited another 20 minutes to meet with the nutritionist. During that time, Aspen pulled her band aid off and read a book about kitties 14 times. It was a miracle that I found a binky in my purse, otherwise I'm afraid of what could have happened.

Maybe next time Aspen gets a checkup I can make Kev take her. Do doctors conduct well-visits after 8pm? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's the earliest he can be home.


  1. Bailee hates the doctors office too. Definitely cant blame them I wouldnt want strangers poking & prodding me either.

  2. You should go to my pediatrician. I know it would be quite the drive but I PROMISE it would be worth it. He is the best, so good with kids, Milo used to freak at the doctor's office, but he loved Dr. Lindgren!

  3. Beckett hates going to the doctor. I don't think there is a kid out there that doesn't hate it. Both of my kids hated being weighed. I think once I had to get on the scale and then hold the child, and get back on. Yeah, that time really sucked.

  4. Julie was the same. She screamed bloody murder at the doctor or WIC whenever I started to remove her clothes. I had the PA come in and check on me when I was getting her undressed for her appt. to see what was going on. Her eyes were wide open and she said "Does she always scream like this?" I felt like an idiot and I wanted to cry. She hated the doctor after going there every month for ear infections. It was miserable for both of us. She cried for the entire appt. and everyone knew I had the crier when I came. Finally one day a year later she didn't cry and the nurse said, "She did well today." I should have been grateful that she said that, but I felt like punching her.


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