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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life Well Lived

Well, are we ready for more sharing? Not only do I suffer from what feels like post-traumatic stress syndrome since having Aspen, but my skin also freaked out (how's THAT for an amazing segue?!)

BlogHer asked me to share some easy-peasy tips for their Life Well Lived program. Hopefully my response to this week's question won't ignite the raging fire of judgment burning within your souls today.

I was prompted to share how I take care of my skin when I have zero "me" time. This tip actually comes via my friend Megan who had her son a couple of months before Aspen was born. When I complained on Facebook that my skin was out of control, she recommended using tea tree oil.

For $10 I got a little vial of magic elixir that cleared up my pregnancy acne in no time. I still use it postpartum and love the quick results. It's as easy as dabbing it on with a Q-tip and walking away.

What do YOU do for your skin when you have zero "me" time? You can share your answers with BlogHer and be entered to win a $250 sweepstakes.


  1. Love, love love the magic of essential oils! Tea tree is so awesome for anything antibacterial! Acne, sore throat, cleaning, brushing your teeth with (although it's nasty, it will get your teeth so clean without having to use poison toothpaste) I've rubbed it on the outside of my neck whenever I feel a sore throat coming on and also lick one drop. Works every time. It's gone within a day! Glad it's working for your skin!

  2. Good tip! I have also heard wonderful things about witch-hazel for your skin. A cotton ball with some on it is suppose to control or treat acne, spots and blemishes. My friend swears by this stuff and I am off to try some...anything really.

  3. I can't imagine licking the oil! It's so stinky. But I do love it for my skin.

    Make sure you take your tips to BlogHer so you can enter to win their giveaway!


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