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Monday, August 15, 2011

One man's trash

Over the weekend I got really close to starting and finishing a project 100% on my own. This is an amazing feat simply because this never happens. I'm a crafty person, yes. I get things done, yes. But projects are a different story. Projects are things that have numerous steps to completion. Which means I usually do one or two and then leave it to Kev.

I'm not sure why this happens. Probably because I'm lazy. But back to the project. My neighbor had a two-day yard sale and on day two Kev and I strolled over to check out the goods. I found these two plastic framed mirrors (for $1) that told me they'd be perfect in Aspen's room. There's a blank wall that's been staring at me for a year. I have some photos (thanks to Mary) that are supposed to go there as well.

For the mirrors, I knew I didn't want to keep them natural. So I taped off the glass and primed them. I tried a cream spray paint, but the can was busted so I went to the opposite end of the spectrum: black.

All the other art in Aspen's room is framed in black Ribbas from IKEA, so taking the mirrors from cream to black is cool. Now that the mirrors are dry I need to get some inexpensive frames for the prints Mary sent us. And as much as I love IKEA, I'll probably browse DI or Ross for something a little closer to home.

If you're wondering at what point I abandoned this project I'll have you know it was after both mirrors were sprayed black. That's when Aspen woke up from her nap and Kev sprayed some sort of glossy clear coat for me.

Once they're up on her wall with the photos, you'll get to see the final project. Wish me luck frame hunting.


  1. What an awesome find! I wish I could look at something and see something else in it. I am excited to see everything on the wall.

  2. I can't wait to see the finished project!! Also, when it is finished, you should share it on lil bird! :)


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