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Friday, August 05, 2011

That one time we went to the park and left after 20 minutes.

Something about this week has been frustrating. I've felt a little overwhelmed with Aspen crawling all over me and using me as a jungle gym. We've gone on lots of walks to combat the cabin fever; we even took TWO yesterday.

Today we braved the heat and headed to Lorin Farr park. It was the saddest outing I've ever experienced. EVERYONE was in the pool, and we were the only two stupid people on the playground. If I hadn't just paid the bills and emptied the bank account, Aspen and I totally would have gotten in on the swimming action.

While this summer has been lovely, it seems we haven't been able to do much. Yes, there are weekly trips to the library and every week Aspen visits with friends while I teach my classes. We've had fun in the kiddie pool and enjoyed lots of grilling. But we can't take a trip anywhere. We don't have Kev around to do many family outings together. The walks around the neighborhood might appease the dog and the baby, but they're not enough for me.

I know, I know. I went to Maine in April and that was a huge awesome trip. But Kev couldn't come. I want to make some family memories that include him! Hopefully we'll be in a different place someday and we can make up for lost time.


  1. Have you heard of r.a.m.p weber county? Make sure to go to Lorin Farr Pool on August 13th. It will be free. And Aubrey and I are going to the Treehouse Museum on Sat around 3 if you want to come. It is free all Sat from 10-5. R.A.M.P. has a list of free activities every Saturday through August. Visit this website and click on Summer Saturdays if you are interested.

  2. I totally feel the same way. I think we did more things last summer than we have this summer. Its kinda a bummer & I like you have been trying to find things to do because Bailee gets bored (she uses me as a jungle gym too) we end up going to discovery time or the play area at the mall which Im almost 100% thats where she got sick from so now it makes me hesitant taking her there because its been hard dealing with her this sick & whiny.


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