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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A world traveler

Lesley invited me to visit the Tree House Museum with her last weekend. As part of Weber County's R.A.M.P. program, lots of vendors offer free entrance on Saturdays throughout the summer. Since Aspen isn't walking yet, I haven't taken her to the Tree House before. Who wants to pay to carry their kid around and point at stuff?

On a free day, though, it was totally worth it. There is a lot to do, ranging from a music-making room to miniature kitchens to reading areas. There's also a preschool area with play tables just the right size for littler children like Aspen.

Once she's walking I'm sure we'll find ourselves at the Tree House more. It's great for kids to run around, and even on the free day it wasn't over-crowded to the point where it was crazy. Next summer we'll definitely take better advantage of the free Saturdays in Weber County. We hope to hit up the Lorin Farr pool and the Nature Center before the summer's over.


  1. Definitely agree on it not being worth it to take them if they aren't walking yet. We took Bailee on her first birthday, after we left we decided we should have waited until she was older to take her.

  2. So do you just show up and they let everyone in for free or do you have to have some sort of pass? I wish I had known about this sooner!

  3. On that particular Saturday, the museum was free; no pass needed. There isn't another free day at the museum for the rest of this summer, but the RAMP schedule will let you know other vendors that are offering free entrance.


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