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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You're not really an a*$ hole. You're just trying so hard to be one.

We're a little behind, but Kev and I finally watched "The Social Network" last night. Throughout the movie I was like, wow, I hate the guy who founded Napster. But when I read more about the movie, I realized that Sean Parker didn't create Napster. SHAWN FANNING did. Phew. Looks like I don't have to hate him for being a total douche bag.

That was the thing about the movie that confused me; a lot of it doesn't seemed based entirely on facts. "The Social Network" simply draws upon some truths and then goes off to portray Zuckerberg (Facebook co-founder) as a computer programmer who's so wired his brain might explode html code at any moment. I think he's a little more human than that. Additionally, Zuckerberg comes across as totally heartless toward his best friend and Facebook financial supporter Eduardo Saverin. In real life, maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. I'd like to know more about the youngest billionaire in the world. Especially since we're the same age. I think I have about $10 in my bank account right now. Maybe he could teach me a few things.

I know some people felt weirded out by the movie to the point they wanted to stop using Facebook. I was like, hey, if Zuckerberg had lost his legal battles surrounding the site, I MIGHT NOT HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE!

Have you seen the movie?


  1. For the record... Eduardo Saverin inspired the book "Accidental Billionaires" which this movie is based. Eduardo is a trust fund baby, and to say he's biased is more than accurate. In reality, my take of Zuck is that he's a socially awkward dude who's really talented. I've actually interacted with him on a scant few occasions, and he's seriously awkward, but it feels like he's a pretty OK dude.

  2. now i want to read that book. and it does make sense that zuckerburg is awkward; how else would he be able to create an online networking site if he wasn't?

  3. I absolutely loved that movie. I even bought it! Unlike you though, I didn't really read up on the facts of things. In the movie, Mark was pretty cold towards Eduardo but it's like he was being influenced by Sean Parker. But now I'm confused, even if Sean Parker didn't create napster that doesn't mean that he wasn't part of this at all. I mean, he really did meet up with Mark and cause a bunch of shiz to happen....right? But I like Zuckerberg even if he is totally awkward. The dude created freaking facebook! I'm even one of the old school kids that still uses my .edu address to login. Completely talented guy, no doubt!

    PS- Jesse Eisenburg did a great job playing him. Even if it's not accurate- I loved the wit.

  4. Yeah, there really WAS a Sean Parker, and I think he worked FOR napster, but didn't co-found it. Confusing.

    So yeah, it was a great movie, and Eisenburg was awesome at portraying a total computer nerd.

  5. From what I understand, Sean Parker co-founded Napster, but took a lot of credit for it and had the same type of personality that Justin Timberlake portrayed in the movie. And I do think that Zuck was attracted to Sean Parker because of his business charisma.

    I LOVED the movie. I thought Jesse Eisenberg did a great job of being aloof and I think he portrayed Zuck pretty accurately; I mean whether or not he really is an ass in real life, I guess I don't know, but he IS a big fat weirdo. I reallly liked the movie!

  6. so is it safe to say a couple of guys named shawn co-founded napster? with one of their uncles? hahahaha

    i put "accidental billionaires" on hold at the library because i'd like to read more about at least saverin and zuckerburg.

    i liked this movie a lot too. although their college experience is definitely a far cry from my own.

  7. we just barely watched this movie a few weeks ago for the first time too. i had mixed feelings about it. i did like it ... but i also was left with feelings like, man ... his poor friend! now, i don't know what really happened, i only know based off the movie but i just was so bugged that he treated him that way. i mean Eduardo was his only real friend. and he just treated him like dirt! and justin timberlake did a great job portraying a d-bag! haha!


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