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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hard work ain't easy

Aspen is very good at entertaining herself these days. What does she even need me for? I'm thinking of going shopping while she stays home and reads books for a while.


In all seriousness, she's just super-awesome. She toddles around the house, carrying random things. Like Kev's Japanese dictionary. Or a random printer cord that she's obsessed with. And when I dust her shelves, she loves sitting in a pile of books. Another big hit with Aspen is toy cars. I bought 2 from DI before our flight to Maine in April, and she recently figured out how to drive them around and say "vrrrrrrrrrmmmm." I have vivid memories of playing with Matchbox/micro-mini-machines for HOURS with my younger brother. I'm happy to see Aspen enjoying a toy I once loved myself. She likes them so much that Daddy might have bought three more from the grocery store last week. Oh Daddy!

When the weather officially turns I'll probably lose my mind because a lot of Aspen's time is currently spent in our backyard, signing "apple" and "pear" NON STOP. I'm not kidding. She loves having fruit on the ground in her backyard. What are we going to do when it snows?!

Maybe she'll just have to do more chores inside to stay busy.


  1. Oh my heck that video of her sweeping the floors is too cute, send her over to my house next ;) thats great she can entertain herself. Bailee can entertain herself for so long until she gets bored & wants someone to play with. I dont know what it is but Shads much better about playing with her than I am. Most days Im at work they stay at home & play all day. I'd get too bored to do that.

  2. I am jealous, Milo can only entertain himself for about 10 minutes before he needs me to play with him.

  3. I think all of us Moms are dreading winter. We spent a ton of time outside. Not sure what we are going to do!


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