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Friday, September 23, 2011

If it's not okay, it's not the end.

Last week I told myself I was going to get in gear with my personal Yoga practice. I was like, hey, stop being lazy and attend some classes. It was a nice pep talk.

So I looked at the studios near me and decided to sacrifice yet another morning to early Yoga. Only instead of teaching, I'd be attending. I really did have to try to convince myself it'd be in my best interest to attend a class at least once a week at 6am. But with the studio being so close, I could roll out of bed at 5:45 and make it in time.

You will not believe what happened over the weekend. It's unbelievable. As in, not believable. I got a Facebook notice that the studio I chose to give up sleep for was CLOSING until further notice. They have to relocate and since they're looking at a space in South Ogden they can kiss my early-morning-attendance goodbye. I'm not getting up extra early so I can drive across town for a practice.

I'm back at square one. Other studios don't offer classes at times/prices that work for me. Am I going to have to resort to DVDs? YouTube?! I just want to develop my skills and get some feedback and not drive far and not spend a lot of money.

Is that too much to ask?


  1. Man that sucks. Why does Murphy's Law always have to ruin every good intention we have?! I will totally watch Aspen for you if you find another place and it is at a time later than 9am (Beckett's school).

  2. Sucks. Have you looked into Yoga Jo's in North Ogden? It takes 10 minutes or less to get there and it's FREE!!!! They believe in Karma and what not so it's free, although you can tip if you want. I don't know if they have super early classes or not but you could look into it.

  3. Yoga Jo's is a great studio, and I have been there before. They have some evening classes I might be able to get to if Kev can get home in time. I actually taught a class there once, but I wasn't a good fit for the studio.

    I heard that the Eccles dance studio on 25/26th now has Yoga, so I might be able to track down their info and try some classes. We'll see!

  4. I'm in the same boat: my favorite studio is a 20-minute drive from my house, and the class I like is at 9 a.m. (so... I'd have to roll into work at 11? Nope.) and 6 p.m. (meaning I'd have to leave work early. Nope.) I haven't gone in MONTHS and I feel awful. I've done a few solo sessions at my house, but it's not the same. :(


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