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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

Yesterday Aspen and I went to The BookShelf on Washington in search of a particular book... with no luck. However, that doesn't mean the trip was not a success. How can a trip to a book store NOT be a success?

Aspen played with a matchbox car in her lap and poked her belly button endlessly while I browsed the titles. In case you don't know, The BookShelf is HUGE. It used to be even bigger than it is, but they consolidated and moved across the street a while ago.

I grabbed 3 novels at 20% off each and while waiting to check out was approached by a cute old lady wearing a head wrap and glitter flats.

"You're beautiful," she told me. "And I hope you're nice too. I've known too many pretty girls in my day with their noses up here," and she gestured to the sky. "Looks fade, but you can always be nice." I thanked her for her compliment and proceeded to check out while she wiggled her fingers at Aspen in the stroller.

Isn't that great advice, to be nice? We can only look so good for so long, but we can always be mindful of others.


  1. i was worried that you were going to say that the lady then proceeded to say something mean about aspen. im glad the story didn't end that way, but it would have made it exciting...

  2. I too was worried she was going to say something critical. Sounds like a cute lady.


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