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Friday, September 09, 2011


As Aspen and I have approached the weaning stage of her nursing life, I've felt nothing but relief. I was all sorts of worried that it would be emotionally and physically uncomfortable, but thankfully it's been alright.

There was a hiccup in my plans when Aspen started teething, but after that week of super-fun-no-sleep-and-lots-of-screaming I got back on track. We whittled the nursing down to twice a day, just morning and night. As of this week it's only in the mornings, and I'm so relieved. That's really the only word I can think of to describe this transition.

This week I came across an article written by a woman who is tandem nursing. But, get this, she's not nursing multiples. She's nursing her four-year old and her younger toddler. I cannot wrap my mind around nursing a four-year old. FOUR YEARS OLD. How does she have the energy to nurse two kids? Two kids who can actually ask for a glass of milk and a cookie instead? Nursing is great, yes, it is. And for me, nursing for about 14 months sounds great. Nursing for 48 months sounds horrible. That's the beauty of choice, though. You get to, y'know, choose what works for you in life.

Aspen, for example, is choosing to gag when she drinks regular milk in a cup. I don't know why she thinks I'll fall for that since I INVENTED the gag reflex. Go ahead, ask my older brother. I was the queen of getting out of things by gagging. Ham? Ew, GAG. Swallowing pills whole? Ew, GAG. So anyway, in order to fulfil Aspen's calcium needs I think I'll just give her melted ice cream. That's the same as milk, right?

To nursing I say a fond adieu. During the first 3 months I never imagined making it this far. My goal was 6 weeks. Then 6 more. And now here we are, on the cusp of a new life for me and my boobs. FREEDOM!


  1. That one morning feeding was rough for us to give up, I hope it goes a lot smoother for you. I thought it would be easy peasy since cutting down on the other were, WRONG. Milo didn't do well with the milk thing either. Cow's milk made his reflux horrible, so he does almond. He doesn't care for it much though, I have to force him to drink it and even then I am lucky if he will drink 4 ounces in a DAY. At least he likes cheese and yogurt right?

  2. Holy crap good job! 14 months!!! That is awesome!

  3. No matter how long, or how short, you give your child a gift when you breastfeed. You did AMAZING. I admire you.

  4. That is awesome. It is liberating experience to finally let go. I'll admit, there are times that I really miss that closeness with my kids, but I do love having my body completely mine again. Good luck with the last feeding. I hope she cuts it out herself.


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