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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A lame attempt to continue documenting Kev's party.

Part of what made Kev's surprise party amazing was having all my siblings come up from Sandy and Provo. Even the littlest addition made the drive to Ogden to celebrate Kev.

Aspen's bowl-cut will grow out eventually, right? I still can't forgive myself for the horrible haircut. You'd think that this being her third trim, we'd be better at it by now.
Isn't LaLa just too cute for words? I'm always mesmerized by how round her features are. We like to spend quality time staring at each other when we visit together.

And currently Sophia is crashing at the Pink House until she flies across the country for an extended vacation. Then she'll be off to the MTC in Provo to prepare for her mission in Chile. While she's here we're going to try packing in all sorts of fun, ranging from a trip to the Aviary to some mission-clothes shopping in Park City.

It's non-stop fun up in here!

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