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Friday, September 02, 2011

LDS videos

Rachel from Sun Swing Media contacted me to tell me about the animated videos she and her husband are creating for children. What makes these videos important is that they're geared toward teaching children to make good decisions.

"The Decision" is about 4 minutes long, and it's the first video produced to completion by Sun Swing. It portrays a story from The Friend which is an LDS magazine published for young children. Just look at how adorable the animation is:

"The Decision" cautions children to stay away from pornography, and gives them an example of what to do if they come across it (i.e. talk to a grownup). As cute as it is, it still does the job without being too preachy. A pro for the video is that it is straightforward regarding what pornography is, and how we may come across it. A con is that there is a lot of down-time without explanation of what is going on. As an adult, I can understand that it is giving the animated kids time to feel confused about porn, but it may not come across that way to a younger audience.

Right now, "The Decision" is available to download for $1. Proceeds from this video will go toward a second project, "The Do-Gooders Club." I grew up watching a few animated videos of the Book of Mormon (Living Scriptures) and I still vividly remember scenes from them. Sun Swing Media is giving The Friend a similar opportunity to come to life for a new generation of kids. If you'd like to download "The Decision" for just $1, please visit their website.

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