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Monday, September 12, 2011

A lesson to be learned

After dinner one evening last week I took my pathetic self outside with a squirmy, whiny little toddler so we could try to pass the time until bed. Really, I was just about done in. I had tried to keep the day filled with fun activities and some down time to avoid freak outs but I totally sucked it up. The worst attempt was probably the walk along the parkway that resulted in screaming (Aspen, not me, I swear) for the last ten minutes until we left the park and street noise drowned her out.

I climbed a ladder into one of my pears trees and let Aspen eat dirt, grass, bugs, ANYTHING SHE WANTED while I plucked fruit from the leaves. It was nice to have my head up there in the tree tops, balancing a bag of plump pears on one arm. And I think Aspen liked having the freedom to play in the yard without anyone hovering.

My neighbor's dog didn't like seeing me over the fence though. He doesn't like seeing much of anything, I think. That's why he barks ALL THE TIME. However, I'm glad he was barking at me this particular evening because then I heard my neighbor asking him to be quiet. And then I realized I hadn't talked to another grown up the entire day. LIGHT BULB. No wonder I was so grumpy and depressed.

I plopped Aspen on my hip and grabbed one of my bags of pears to take next door to my neighbor. And we proceeded to talk grown up English for about an hour. I felt human again! To top it off, my neighbor sent me home with zucchini the size of a small country. I'm thinking Finland. What's that you say? Finland isn't a small country? Well. Nothing about this zucchini is small either.

And she gave me TWO.

The moral of this story is that if you don't talk to another grown up for an entire day you will feel crappy. So you should find another grown up and if you're lucky you'll come home with 88 pounds of zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes. Which, really, will come in handy when you have to feed the missionaries the next day.


  1. Ok, Liv. If you need to talk to another grown-up, you can totally come over here!!! Justin doesn't get home until 4 or 5 most days and the kids are up and awake between 10-12 and 1:30-4 so feel free!!!!

  2. I hear ya. Talking to a baby all day gets so tedious. I think that is why I call Matt everyday. Feel free to come hang out with me any time.

  3. Come talk to me!

    (Make some zucchini bread for those young men!!)

  4. Sounds like you live in a neighborhood where you can't leave your car unlocked... you don't want anyone sneaking in Finland-sized zucchini without your knowledge. Ha! Cute post! Thanks for sharing.


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