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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Post-traumatic stress

A long time ago, in a land far away, I quit my job.

Okay, so it was only two years ago and that land is just across town.

But anyway, it was AN EVENT in my life. Reason being that I'd been with the company five years and all sorts of sh.... stuff happened to me during that time.

Once I got hired and for an entire semester I didn't get paid or get reimbursed for my housing fees because someone went on maternity leave in Texas and didn't process my paperwork. Another time the offices were being painted and re carpeted and although my boss was gone, he made us WORK ON THE FLOOR. Yes, I was a full-time, salaried individual sitting on the floor in my dress and heels WORKING.

I took a picture that I considered submitting to some sort of place that would investigate my boss' business practices and get him fired. But I never did. I mean, if the religious conversations and overall sexist behavior didn't get him fired, nothing will.

So yeah, I quit this job a long time ago to move on to something better. Would you believe that after all this time I still have nightmares about working there? Like, I wake up exhausted because I feel like I've worked all night as a Resident Assistant, or my old accounting job.

I don't know what triggers it, but I am so over it. Can I quit my dreams like I quit that job?


  1. Oh man. That must be horrible to have those dreams. What a creep. I hope he finally gets in trouble for being so terrible.

  2. I totally dream about the jobs I left because I was pregnant with TWINS! And I can't do the job right and I keep messing up (which isn't good when you're a nurse and dealing with lives) and everyone is looking down and me and nobody likes me cause I quit and shouldn't have come back. Weird.


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