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Friday, September 30, 2011

Tracy Aviary, part I

For our dear Kev's birthday we redeemed a coupon and piled into the Tercel to drive to SLC and visit the Tracy Aviary. I purposefully waited to plan this trip so Aspen would be old enough to enjoy it, i.e. understand what we were there for. And to boot, we had Sophia with us so we were able to enjoy a really lovely afternoon together.

The Aviary is a beautiful conservation for so many different types of birds and it was difficult to refrain from taking an owl home with me. They house teensy tiny ones that would easily fit in my pocket. Easily.

Thanks to perfect weather and good temperaments (mine and Aspen's) we spent 2 full hours browsing the habitats. Some are fully-enclosed, while others are wide open. There are even some enclosed structures that allow you to sneak in and get a very intimate look at nests with mama birds!

In addition to these photos, Sophia, Kev and I took about 600 more. So be prepared for continued installments of our visit to the Aviary. And if you've never been, go before the weather gets too chilly and all the birds hide inside their houses!

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  1. I used to go there when I was younger. What a fun place!


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