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Friday, September 16, 2011

Upgrade! Holla!

Kev finally got a phone that works after years of having pieces of junk that malfunction for the last... I dunno, 5 years?

It's awesome that for the same price we've been paying for the last 5 years he upgraded to a data plan and some sweet phone that not only makes phone calls (gasp!) but has games and stuff.

Of course, I played Angry Birds for the first time and was like, whoa. Fun!

While traipsing all over Ogden and Riverdale to find Aspen's midget feet some slippers for fall/winter, I found the Angry Birds toys at ShopKo. Oh my gosh. I want them all! Unfortunately, Aspen is scared of them.

Doesn't that suck? Because otherwise I'd spend all my money on useless stuffed animals that make noise when you squeeze them. Or I just might buy the action figure play set. That way, when Kev is hogging his phone I can play Angry Birds IN REAL LIFE!


  1. Thats nice Kevin got a new phone that actually works! We are still debating whether to switch to Tmobile but Im wanting a new phone. I didnt know they even had angry bird stuffed animals. I've never played the game before either. Guess Im missing out.

  2. WHAT? There's an action figure play set? I want the plush toys so bad. I have such an unhealthy obsession with that game.

  3. Oh that's nice! Torturing your daughter! Just kidding, I probably would have done the exact same thing and filmed it as well. That is awesome that Kev got a new phone and I totally hear you about them hogging their phones. Don't they know we want to play on it too?


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