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Monday, September 26, 2011

When the lights go down in the city

See Ken? Well, he had this great idea to host a surprise party for Kev's 29th birthday. Even though Kev told me he didn't want a surprise party, I agreed when Ken asked if we should have one.

We kept the party very intimate, and also very secret. For two weeks we planned and when it came down to the wire, trying to get Kev to the location at the determined time, we almost lost it. He wanted to play with his guns instead of going to dinner with friends. So I pulled the stay-at-home-parent card out of my pocket and demanded that he take me out of the house to spend time with GROWN UPS.

Another catastrophe narrowly avoided involved that blasted ice cream cake. Kev had requested one for his birthday, and I'll be darned if I was going to spend $60 to provide enough cake for all the guests. So I did my best to assemble a delicious cake... even if it looked like it had been dropped on the floor. Nothing a little frosting can't fix!

The reward for all the secrecy and work was seeing Kev's face at the party. And when we were driving home, he told me it was really nice to see how many people love him.

Happy birthday Kev. And many thanks to Ken, Amanda, and Paul for coming up with the idea and hosting it for us.

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  1. Happy Birthday Kevin! Looks like the surprise party was very nice, good idea. It's amazing when you throw a surprise party for someone all the things that come up that normally wouldn't.


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