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Friday, October 21, 2011

Day at the Museum

I have been stocking up on free activity ideas, and Hill's Aerospace Museum was on the top of the list. Aspen and I went yesterday and enjoyed looking at what the museum has to offer both inside and out.

Aren't we lucky they have a dog? Aspen is very very very interested in dogs. When we're out and we see one, you'd think she doesn't have one at home to bother all the time.

She was afraid to walk under the airplanes outside, which is weird because on playgrounds she's alright with climbing through tunnels. Although, this tail was pretty low to the ground; I had to double over to get under it myself.

I'm so glad the museum is free because Aspen likes airplanes right now. Whenever we hear one, even inside the house, she makes her sign and noises for plane. It'll be nice to go back throughout the winter as she gets older and more aware of what she's looking at. Plus, it'll probably take me many more visits to actually read any of the signs and learn about the exhibits.

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  1. That place is pretty cool. If you need some toddlers to tag along, we will be happy to join you on your quest for out-of-the-house adventure this winter.


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