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Monday, October 10, 2011

Fighting cabin fever

Ok, all you Signing Time fans, sing it with me now: "Rain, rain, THROUGH THE DOOOOOOR! Rain, rain, RAIN SOME MOOOOOORE!"

It rained a lot last week, so Aspen and I found ourselves at the Newgate Mall twice to play in the kiddie land. Thankfully, she found the kiddie rides entertaining even without me stuffing them full of quarters.

Around the third cumulative hour there, I realized I needed to do something more for Aspen during the bad weather. We can only trek to the mall so many times before it stops being fun. So after the mall I promptly scraped out the last dregs of my savings (from when I worked full-time) and purchased a year-long pass to the Ogden Treehouse Museum. It's closer to our house than the mall, and it has a lot more options.

We already go to the Library once a week, and we'll now add the Museum to our rotation. And we won't forget about the mall, either. Even though when we got home I realized Aspen's white socks weren't white anymore.



  1. i love having a treehouse pass, still need to come up with more rainy day ideas. if ya ever wanna hang out boring days are more fun for tots when they have a buddy

  2. I havent thought about what Bailee & I will do once its cold & we are stuck inside until some of the girls in my ward mentioned it since it got so cold last week. They mentioned going & walking around the mall in the mornings which is a good idea but like you said what else can you do before it gets boring.

  3. Jesse loves that ride at the mall, but sadly I have to stuff it full of quarters. He just will say over and over, "I want, I want, Ride."

  4. I think the Air Force Museum is free, I have been wanting to take Milo there on a rainy day, I think he would love it. We should plan it and meet there.

  5. Mikki, I'll hit you up on Weds when we have absolutely NOTHING to do! It'd be fun to go to Treehouse together.

    SueAnn, you're right about the museum. I almost went on Saturday but it closes before 5pm and I was too late! We should definitely meet up with the babies!!


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