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Friday, October 07, 2011

It's ok that Labor Day was over a month ago.

Every year on Labor Day my siblings all try to get together. This year was extra-special because J&J were back from their summer on the coast so the cousins could get together again. During that reunion, LaLa was enamoured with Penny... and I guess you could say it was tolerated.

We also try to take our yearly sibling photo to show that yes, I'm still the shortest. And I'm thankfully looking much better than last year when I still had a weird after-baby body.

We got Julia in on the action this year because we obviously all called each other to plan wearing pink/coral and needed to document that.

We won't be able to have one of these get-togethers at Seth's next year since Sophia will be in Chile. Well, actually, yes we can get together but we'll miss her. But maybe the little ones will have more fun and Aspen will consider sharing Leilani's toys instead of just stealing them.

Oh, she is such a bully! Word on the street is that 7-month old Leilani is now crawling, so Aspen best be watching her back.

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