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Friday, October 07, 2011

Proof that I'm a horribly rude person.

Driving home from SLC one evening I found myself fed up with other drivers. I've decided that many people must honestly believe that the use of a blinker will, in fact, cause their vehicles to EXPLODE. Why else would one not utilize that handy switch located so close to the steering wheel? WHY?!

Anyway, on this day, the car was full of Kev, Sophia and Aspen, with me at the wheel. I was totally paying attention the whole drive, and I was also going pretty fast. And I was getting more frustrated with every passing minute. It was probably in Davis County that a 4 Runner full of I punk kids (I can say that because I'm probably older than they can even count) decided to ride my tail and flash their lights at me. Um, hi? I'm going like, 77mph in the fast lane. Don't get your panties in a twist. I finally pulled over to let them pass. Oh wait. Did I forget to mention that I flipped them off first?

Once we got into Weber County some girl cut me off and I had to brake pretty aggressively to avoid death. Ok, so maybe not death... but it was close. That was probably the last straw. I just wanted to get home and get out of the car and maybe scream into my pillow. Kev and Sophia were all, hey, calm down, you're over-reacting. But seriously? You know when you just feel like no one notices anything nice you're trying to do and instead you just get walked on ALL DAY LONG?! That's how I felt at that point. I just hated every car tail-gating, failing to signal, going too slow whatever. Hate Hate Hate.

I have road rage, bytheway.

Ok, but here's the point of my story. That lame girl who cut me off without signalling got pulled over by Highway Patrol. Probably because when I slammed on my brakes I also slammed on my horn. And HP was just a car or two ahead of me and saw it all happen.


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