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Monday, October 03, 2011

She has yet to discover shopping is good for what ails ya.

On Friday Sophia, Emilie, Aspen and I went to Park City so someone could get mission outfits. And someone else could get clothes for work. I am neither of those people so I only got some $5 shirts from Old Navy.

Aspen, however, got some clothes so cheap I thought I'd died and gone to DI with better-organized racks. Did you know that The Children's Place has a rack of clothes for only $1.99? ONE DOLLAR AND NINETY NINE CENTS. And I only bought three things. I'm so good.

Anyway, it was a little stressful since Aspen didn't nap much in the morning, but we made it through the day with minimal crying. Thank goodness Aspen and I found a pile of rocks to play with while Sophia and Em shopped in Banana Republic.

I learned that as long as she is constantly in motion, Aspen is a happy girl. So... sitting while I browse sale racks is not an option. But that's alright because the day was not about shopping for ourselves. It was about spending time with the girls in Park City and enjoying something outside our usual daily schedule.

However, I will never do it again unless Kev comes with me, or volunteers to stay home with our dear, sweet, super-mobile child.

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