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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Tracy Aviary, part II

When we arrived at the Tracy Aviary in SLC, it was feeding time for the Pelicans. I liked seeing their flexible mouths open wide and catch the fish whole. They're amazing!

It's still wild to see Aspen walking around by herself. She kept stopping to pick flowers, or pick up rocks. I'm so glad she had such a wonderful, stimulating adventure at the aviary.

Before cramming back into the Tercel we had some snacks on the grass outside the aviary. Aspen still had lots of wiggles to get out (although Kev observed there seems to be no end of wiggles inside her) and a super-smelly diaper to take care of. How lucky we are that we didn't find ourselves trapped in that little car with that huge stinky diaper.

And since we had such a great experience with viewing birds at the aviary, I took Groupon up on their offer for $12 admission to the Living Aquarium in Sandy. It's near my brother's house so there's the added bonus of visiting with him too. I've heard the aquarium is modest, but for such a deal I'm sure it'll be worth it.

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