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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Veggie Tales

I tried to get Aspen to eat a piece of broccoli on her own. A little spoon was offered and rejected; a solo piece was placed on her tray and thrown on to the floor. So I resorted to shoving it into her mouth by pure force.

Usually her pointy little tongue just shoots things right back out of her mouth. But not this time. This time, that vegetable not only found its way into Aspen's mouth, but into her belly as well.

Once she realized how AMAZING the chicken broccoli casserole was, she spent the next 30 minutes shoveling tiny pinches of it into her mouth. I gave her every single piece of broccoli from my plate, and scooped up two more baby-sized servings to satisfy her interest.

It was a triumphant moment. A moment when broccoli won out over plain, boring, barely-nutritional toast. And this mama was so excited the news had to be shouted from the roof tops.


And then I found her sharing Maddie's dog food while I was cleaning up the kitchen.

You win some, you lose some.

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