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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Eccles Community Art Center

In my continued efforts to find Yoga classes that fit both my budget and schedule, I found out about a series of Saturday classes being offered at the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden. Not only does this mansion display local artists' work, but they have two dance studios on the East side of the property.

After my practice, I went into the center to pay, and decided to stay for a while and walk around. It's completely open to the public, so I wandered at my leisure and poked around the two upper floors, as well as the basement.

The Eccles raised 12 children in this mansion, and I can imagine it was a lot of work to maintain it. There are so many nooks and alcoves and places to get lost. I loved seeing the solarium and admiring all the original fixtures throughout the home.

When WSU was still just a college, and was located on 25th street, the Eccles' home was actually a girls dorm, and the front parlors were used as bedrooms. I can't get over the views from all the windows, which totally beat the view of the parking lot I had my last year living on campus.

Downtown Ogden's historic district is amazing. Now that I've been through one mansion, I want to peek through them all. Do you think people will mind? I'll knock first!

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  1. That is so cool. I think I need to take a walk through that mansion. I love victorian homes.


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