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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A book you should read and a show you should watch.

I recently read "The Friday Night Knitting Club" and loved it. One reason being that it had a surprise to it, and another being that I crave the kind of connection those women have with each other. They unintentionally start meeting weekly and it turns into a tightly knit (haha pun intended) group of women who support each other through life's ups and downs. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to find that kind of commitment in my life with other women. I noted that there is a sequel and I can't wait to get a copy from the library and dive in.

On the other end of the warm-fuzzy spectrum, the tv show Kev and I just caught up with is AMC's "The Killing." The first couple of episodes were so intense I had a headache from crying so hard. It made me so upset I had to make a conscious decision to let Aspen continue sleeping peacefully instead of going into her room to wake her up and hug her. There is a lot to love about this show, despite the depressing story line. The actors are 100% committed, which is so refreshing when TV is now all about mock-umentaries and crappy reality series. It's set in Seattle, and I find that after watching, I expect it to be raining outside. It pulls me in that much.

What have you been reading and watching lately?


  1. My friend picked that book for our Book Club this next month. I hadn't heard anything about it. I am glad to see a good review.

  2. FYI: The star of that show grew up Mormon. She was in my stake.

  3. i've been watching UP ALL NIGHT. hilarious. some of the things they say and do are PAINFUL to watch.

  4. I may have to borrow your book. I am always looking for a good read. I just finished the Ugly series. I still the final book, but it's an extra and that is also the title. The world is somewhat like the world in Hunger Games. So not necessarily real, but I really enjoyed reading them.

    As far as tv goes we do not have cable, but I am completely sucked in to Revenge. Love, love, love it!

    BTW: I too crave a tightly knit group of friends that you keep all through life and look back on memories together.

  5. I was able to read The Friday Night Knitting Club a few months ago. While I wasn't a huge fan of the story line I did really like the closeness the women shared. I am currently reading The Help (late to the party I know) and I am really enjoying it!

    I might have to check out "The Killing". Some new shows I've really been enjoying Pan Am and Once Upon A Time.


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