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Monday, November 14, 2011

Kev is obviously really good at watching kids.

I had to cover a friend's Pilates class on one of the nights we babysit Zjani's kids, so Kev came home from work a little early to watch Aspen and her friends while I was gone.

When I got home, it really seemed like he had things under control. Don't you think he looks like such a natural? I figure, why exert more energy than you have to when watching kids? You can't keep up with them no matter what, so sit back and relax!

In all seriousness, Aspen adores Makayla and while Konnor does love to give Aspen hugs, she's still not wild about him. But what that means is it's really easy to have the kids over because they play so well together. We watch a little TV, we read books, we play games, we eat snacks and we tickle them until Makayla runs to the bathroom before she pees her pants. It has been a blessing to allow Aspen to make friends at such a young age.

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