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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Penny for your thoughts, month 16


Look at you, giant girl!

How many teeth do you think you need? Because I think that six is good. Six is enough. You're getting along fine with the few you have. No need for more! I hate how uncomfortable you are while the new ones try to grow in. You don't like eating, you don't sleep as well, and you're grumpy. It's sad. So let's cap it off at six so you don't have to endure any more of this nonsense.

Besides developing more teeth, you're also developing quite a vocabulary. You're signing all the time now, new words like "swing," "train," "phone," "baby," and some that I think you're inventing. You also like to try repeating words that are said to you, which is awesome and terrifying. I think my favorite trick you do right now is sign "cat" while meowing when we talk to you about our friend Yao. And when we talk about Emilie, you sign "apple." Without fail. I think it's because she fed you three bowls of applesauce one night while we were visiting.

I'm not sure if it was in the last month or if it started two months ago, but you're so sweet about giving kisses when asked. And mid-November you started patting me on the back. At least I hope you're patting, and not hitting me. You also like to crawl onto my back when I'm laying on the floor. Ever since Samson let you do that on Halloween, you think it's the most fun EVER. Just stop trying to climb Maddie, because she really, really, really does not like it.

This month we got to visit with your Grandpa Marc, which is special because he lives in Maine. Also, we had fun trying to make you play with Leilani. During Thanksgiving we spent a couple of days at your Uncle Seth's and you were thrilled to have all that attention. You even warmed up to your cousin and got nakie with her in the tub.

While in Sandy visiting Seth, Jeshua, Julia and Leilani, we went to the Living Planet Aquarium and had a lot of fun looking at fish, penguins, sea stars and so much more. Mama even touched a sting ray!

Another highlight of this month is your development while playing. The weekend we got home from Seth's you played with your baby doll and pretended to put her to bed. You gave her a kiss, put her in her bed and waved bye bye (which is what you do to Daddy when he puts you in your crib). It was AMAZING to watch you do something so grown-up.

The older you get, the more fun you are. Sometimes we're frenemies, but most of the time we're BFF. Mama looks forward to more Holiday fun with you, and Daddy can't wait until you can help him around the house.

Love you boo-boo-ba-choo.

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