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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday is a special day

My step-brother got married yesterday so Jeshua, Julia and Little Leilani came up from Provo to visit. We fed the girls all sorts of snacks at the reception and got to catch up with each other (and our step-dad Marc who flew in from Maine).
Because of baby bedtimes, J&J stayed the night at the Pink House to make it easier on everyone. The babies were SUPER tired after a night out. Little was asleep minutes after leaving the reception and Aspen had a meltdown when Kev changed her into PJs at the house. Thankfully, they slept well enough that Kev and I watched the new(ish) X-Men movie while Jeshua passed out on the living room floor. The best part was when Jesh's phone rang and when we tried to wake him to answer it (in case Julia was calling him from the bedroom) he just talked gibberish until falling back asleep. I always forget how insane his sleep-talking is until it happens again. Kev and I laughed so hard I was afraid I might pee my pants.

I had a Yoga class this morning, so everyone got to play without me. I wish I could have stayed in my jammies and watched Signing Time too! We missed having Seth around as well, since he opted to take his cold home instead of sharing it with the rest of us. Thank goodness we're all going to feast together next week so everyone can enjoy watching the babies kinda sorta try to be friendly while mostly just ignoring each other.

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  1. i like your last line. we totally enjoy watching our baby and her friends kina sorta try to be friendly while mostly just ignoring each other.


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