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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The weekend during which Aspen won't sleep turns into the week during which Aspen won't sleep.

Last night was rough. Kev and I got into bed just before midnight only to be awoken less than two hours later by a SCREAMING child.

Usually she doesn't freak out so much if she wakes in the night. Once she finds her binky under the covers she's good to go. But a combination of her new, stupid teeth, and bad napping during the day makes for an exceptionally upset baby at night.

Kev tried soothing her a handful of times, and an hour later I finally gave it a go. Why didn't I try in the first place? Well, because on Wednesday mornings I get up at 530 in order to teach an early class at the University. So I like to get a little sleep before-hand.

I sucked at soothing her because she started screaming again a few minutes after I got back into bed. I even tried bringing her into bed with me and Kev but since she never sleeps in our bed, she though it was play time. Especially since the infant Tylenol had kicked in by then. She was happy as a clam, and wanted to crawl all over us and chat. I was so tired I could feel my eyes crossing.

Kev eventually took Aspen away and ended up sleeping on her bedroom floor. At that point I only had 2 hours until I had to get up, so I begged for sleep to come. BEGGED!! She fussed and make a stink for a while but we all fell asleep sometime after 4am.

Shortly after returning from Yoga, Aspen woke up and the day officially started. And now, after a super-short 50 minute nap, she is again awake and crying in her crib. I'm praying we don't have a repeat of last Thanksgiving, during which time Aspen refused to sleep/eat/relax for two days and I almost lost my freakin' mind.

Hopefully baking cookies and taking a visit to the Treehouse Museum can keep her spirits up and help her forget about those sharp, pointy annoyances trying to burst forth from her little baby gums.


  1. That is rough Im sorry! I hope she does better so you guys can have a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving. Teething sucks!

  2. That sounds so hard. I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope things get better for all of you and you are able to enjoy your Thanksgiving.


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