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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Best $15 I ever spent.

We had a fantastic Christmas. For church we enjoyed an hour of music and talks focused on the birth of the Savior. Afterward we tore open presents and spent the entire day together as a family. Aspen knows how to unwrap gifts, and she also knows that she loves kitty. It was by far the most-cherished thing she received this Christmas (watching her carry it around 24/7 is very rewarding).

Kev and I also received a number of generous gifts, both anonymous and not. We truly appreciate all that was given to us, and for the opportunity we had to share this time with each other. I anticipate Christmas will keep getting better the older Aspen gets. She had a wonderful day and we were so happy to watch her enjoy everything.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh! When I was a little girl, my kitty was my favorite toy. In fact, I loved her so much, I wore her out... not once, but twice. My parents had to keep sneaking me new kitties, and I either didn't notice or didn't mind.

    I'm happy the kitty love has touched a new generation!

  2. i definitely need to buy a couple more kitties, just in case anything befalls the original!


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