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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Definitely a day for the history books.

Oh my gosh. This day. I am so grateful our house is unscathed. I am so grateful our cars didn't get crushed by trees or hit by flying debris. I am so grateful we had plenty of food to eat and good friends to spend this day with. I am so grateful we're in a cheap hotel with ELECTRICITY. I am so grateful Aspen is sleeping peacefully in her pack 'n play so my mom, Emilie, Yao and I can all sit together in the other room and relax for a little while to recover from all the chaos.

What chaos, you ask?

Well, Utah almost blew away today.

On top of that, my mom's flights were all sorts of wacky and when she was finally on her way to Utah, Aspen decided to fall asleep for a very late afternoon nap. So then I found a poor sucker (thanks, Paul!) to sit in my cold house and hang out while Aspen slept so I could drive to the airport.

I was so sure my car was going to flip on the Interstate that I went so far as to zip my phone into my coat pocket so I could access it when my car rolled into a ditch. Dramatic, yes? But I seriously thought my little, 2-door Tercel was going to eat it today.

It's just so insane to have your entire day tipped upside down (almost literally). Gail and I saw countless trees downed in countless yards. Fences were ripped apart. Homes crushed. Power lines laying in the street.

I don't know when we'll have power again, but I'm so grateful to be in this hotel room with heat, lights, news, and of course, the Internet. I just wish Kev was here with us. We didn't have a practical way to smuggle Maddie into the hotel so he is at the Pink House, hoping and praying the pipes don't freeze overnight.

Wish us luck.

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  1. I am so glad you are somewhere with electricity! And that your mom made it here safe. I don't know what I would have done if our power went out. I feel like our complex is in a bubble. No one around us has power, yet ours never even flickered. I have yet to venture out and see the damage. Today was a stay inside day for us, thankfully.


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